Theses - Chinese Studies Resources - Research Guides at. This database is the world’s most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day and offering full text for graduate works added since 1997, along with selected full text for works written prior to 1997. Chinese Studies Resources Theses. Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertations Service. of about 9,000 Chinese Studies dissertations from universities.

Emory ETDs Welcome - Electronic Theses and Dissertations The database consists of two parts: China Doctoral Dissertations and China Masters’ Theses. Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Welcome to Emory University's Electronic. Economic Transfers from Adult Children and Healthcare Utilization by Older Chinese.

LibGuides Chinese Relions Theses - LibGuides at National. The Library holds some theses from other universities, and provides access to hundreds of thousands of others online. Chinese Relions Theses. 中文电子学位论文服务 = Chinese Electronic Theses & Dissertations. Electronic Theses Online Service offers open.

Airiti - pedia Thank you for visiting the Library Research Guide for Chinese Studies. Airiti Incorporation 華藝數位 headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is the leading Chinese e-content provider of Chinese academic e-journals. CETD Chinese Electronic Theses & Dissertations Service is the source of thesis and dissertations.

Theses & Dissertations of China - There are many national and international websites and databases with lists of theses, some with full-text that you can download. Theses & Dissertations of China is a definitive, comprehensive collection of Chinese. making the full-text document deliverable via document delivery services.

Finding theses and dissertations - The The database includes citations and abstracts for Masters, Doctoral, and Post-doctoral dissertations and theses while making the full-text document deliverable via document delivery services. The British Library's Electronic Theses Online Service. Doctoral dissertations from Chinese universities, with full-text access to literature, history, philosophy.

Find Theses - A Guide to Chinese Studies - Research Guides at. Theses & Dissertations of China is a definitive, comprehensive collection of Chinese dissertations and theses including over 3.1 millions titles (as of March 2015) and covering virtually every accredited institution since 1980s. National Libarry of China Dissertations Database 中国国家图书馆博士论文. EThOS Electronic Theses Online Service makes United Kingdom theses available.

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